[3 Night 3 Days] in Lisbon, Portugal Part. 2

Day 2

Today we're heading west toward the end of continental Europe. We're spending our day in Sintra and Cascais. We started off our morning trying another egg tart bakery. Manteigaria Fábrica de Pastéis de Nata. This place was recommended by a friend who has visited Lisbon before. We bought a total of 8 egg tarts (2 for each person) to take on our journey to Sintra. We actually missed the train and had an hour to spare. It was a 20 minute trip from Rossio Train Station.

Manteigaria Fábrica de Pastéis de Nata egg tarts
To get to the Sintra we had to take the Linha de Sintra line, which departs from Rossio Train Station. Because we plan to visit both Sintra and Cascais, we bought a one day ticket which include return train ticket from Lisbon to and from Sintra or Cascais, and unlimited ride on the local buses. The one-day ticket cost €15. You could also choose to purchase the train and bus ticket separately. Round trip train ticket to and from Sintra cost €4.30. Buses cost €5 per loop.
Rossio Train Station

Our train to Sintra
Places to see in Sintra includes:
1. Sintra National Palace
2. Mours Castle
3. Pena Palace
4. Quinta da Regaleira

Because we are also going to Cabo da Roca and Cascais we had to pick one out of the 4 to visit. After long deliberation and discussion we decided on Quinta da Regaleira. One because we think by the time we got to Sintra, the palaces would be filled with tourist. Second, after searching the 4 attraction, Quinta da Regaleira seem to be the most unique one. Unlike the other 3 attraction, Quinta da Regaleira is an estate located deep into the hills surround by lush green forest. Admission ticket cost €6. Map of the estate. From Sintra Train Station take bus 435 to get to the estate. We spend roughly 2 hours exploring the estate.
Initiatic Well. 27meters deep
 💡Tip: I would recommend starting from the top of the well and go down the steps to explore the tunnel which leads to other parts of the estate. This will save your legs from walking up 27 meters. 
Garden view from the Main House

the Chapel

The Main House (theres a museum inside)

After finishing our round of the estate we got on bus 435 heading back to the train station to catch bus 403 to Cabo da Roca. The bus ride took us roughly one hour winding through narrow streets. Finally after many naps to get rid of car sick we arrived at the westernmost point of Europe. Because it has been raining, the coast was covered with fog (unfortunately). It was still neat that beyond the fog and the endless ocean is America, my home. And it was nice seeing the ocean again after 4 long months.

Foggy weather...
 Getting back onto bus 403 we head to Cascais. Our last stop was Pria da Rainha beach. I can see this town be filled with beach goer once the weather warms up. But because it was in January, the town seem quiet. We had dinner (seafood of course) and head back to Lisbon. We took the Linha de Cascais line which ends at Cais do Sodré station. 
Empty Pria da Rainha. Because it was winter
Too fully explore Sintra and Cascais you would need to spend a night in one of these city.

To be continue...⇢ Part 3


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