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[3 Night 3 Days] in Lisbon, Portugal Part. 3

Day 3

Today is my last full day in Lisbon. The last area we explored was the Alfama district, the oldest district in Lisbon. There are many important buildings in this district including: Lisbon Cathedral, Castelo de S. Jorge, National Panthenon, and St. Antony's Church. The district can be reached in 2 ways. One, taking tram 15E or the famous 28 tram. The other way is by your own will-power walking up the steep hill of the district. I took tram 15E from Paça Figueira square, located near Rossio Train Station, to Largo das Portas do Sol Station. Don't worry if you don't know where to get off, just get off at the station everyone else gets off.
đź’ˇTip: Start your day early, especially during the weekends. Tram 28 tends to be more popular than 15E. Both takes you to the same location.  After getting off the tram (15E) at the top of the hill, you will be struck with the amazing view of the Alfama district. There are two view points where you can capture the panoramic view of th…

[3 Night 3 Days] in Lisbon, Portugal Part. 2

Day 2

Today we're heading west toward the end of continental Europe. We're spending our day in Sintra and Cascais. We started off our morning trying another egg tart bakery. Manteigaria Fábrica de PastĂ©is de Nata. This place was recommended by a friend who has visited Lisbon before. We bought a total of 8 egg tarts (2 for each person) to take on our journey to Sintra. We actually missed the train and had an hour to spare. It was a 20 minute trip from Rossio Train Station.

To get to the Sintra we had to take the Linha de Sintra line, which departs from Rossio Train Station. Because we plan to visit both Sintra and Cascais, we bought a one day ticket which include return train ticket from Lisbon to and from Sintra or Cascais, and unlimited ride on the local buses. The one-day ticket cost €15. You could also choose to purchase the train and bus ticket separately. Round trip train ticket to and from Sintra cost €4.30. Buses cost €5 per loop.

Places to see in Sintra includes:
1. Si…

[3 Night 3 Days] in Lisbon, Portugal Part. 1

Right after our brutal 2 week exam period, me and my friend hop on a flight to Lisbon. My main motive for visiting Lisbon was for my initial love for egg tart (Pastel de Nata). We escaped the 3℃ (37℉) weather of Manchester, UK to the lovely 16℃ (60℉) winter in Lisbon.

Day 1

After getting through the airport we got ourselves a rechargeable transportation card and hop on the bus heading to city center. The airport was only about 6 miles from city center and it can be reached through either bus, city bus, or the metro. In our case, bus was the cheapest (€1.40) and the fastest (around 15 minutes). After finishing lunch we visited Miradouro de SĂŁopedro de Alcântara, one of the many view point in Lisbon. Here you can get a clear view of the whole city specially the Alfama Neighbourhood. 

đź’ˇTip: For those planning to use public transportation to get around, I would recommend getting the rechargeable transportation card, which cost €.50 to purchase. This will save you time and money in the lon…